STA Baseball – Saint Athanasius Baseball – started in 1970’s to serve the children of the saint Athanasius Parish and surrounding neighborhood. Serving hundreds of children, the goal was to keep the children off the streets, and provide a safe place to play baseball. Over the years many changes have occurred both within the program and in the neighboring areas. As the original founders of the program looked for new leadership to pass the baton to, the demographics of the area were going through a significant reshaping. The new leadership of the program revitalized the program over more than a decade. Saint Athanasius expanded its reach and has become diverse, built a program of in-house, travel and tournament level teams, with a program of indoor winter workouts. We have all built our facility into a premier sports complex that you won't find anywhere else in the city.



While offering what most "elite" private leagues offer, the cost for Saint Athanasius is far less than those leagues. For In-house we have a base fee, with additional fees for travel and tournaments. All of that is always a fraction of private leagues. How is that possible? The fees we charge cover the day-to-day operations of the teams. That includes things like uniforms, equipment and league fees. How does Saint Athanasius pay for all of the other services and the incredible sports complex? It’s possible because of dedicated volunteer coaches and staff, grants from local politicians, local sponsors, and our fund raising. All of that adds up to a premium low cost experience for you.


Our sports complex has been completely renovated, and boasts three age appropriate ball fields, clay and grass infields which are professional manicured, indoor and outdoor hitting cages, restrooms, plenty of seating, lights for night games, and concessions. In short, the Saint Athanasius Sports Complex is a hidden gem in the heart of Brooklyn!


Saint Athanasius by far has to most fully functional and fun web site of any of its competitors and most other sports organizations around. You can register, make payments, see teams and schedules, contact us, see photos and videos, read blog articles, and even become one of our blog writers…and so much more. And, it works great on your phone too!


Our in-house or intramural program starts as young as four years old, and goes all the way through twelve years old. We start the youngest off with basic instruction and tee ball. We move the children to next level with coach pitch baseball where they still learn basics, but start to experience more of the game. By seven and eight years old, they are playing real baseball (modified rules where appropriate) with players pitching to each other. We play cross-over games with neighboring organizations to give the players a full experience. From there the players are trained all the way through 12 years old. After that, it’s time for travel level baseball.


Saint Athanasius offers travel level baseball for its more experienced and committed players. At ages twelve and younger, players are eligible for both in-house and travel baseball, depending on their experience and commitment. After the age of twelve, all of our teams are travel level. However, we offer multiple levels of travel in order to place each player at the appropriate level. During the main part of the season we don’t travel far for everyone’s convenience.  We usual limit travel to different parts of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.


Simply put, tournament baseball is the best of the best. Our tournament teams are sometimes the next level for travel teams or an all-star team based on selections from our multiple travel teams. We do travel out of state, but usually within driving distance. Our usual destinations are New Jersey and Staten Island, and less frequently Pennsylvania, Delaware or Long Island.