Picture Day Sunday, June 10

2018 Picture Day is Sunday, July 10. In addition to pictures, we have scheduled a number of makeup games that were postponed due to rain earlier in the season. The games may be unusual times because they were scheduled to be convenient with picture times, so please read carefully.

Also, on Saturday, June 9 St. Athanasius is hosting the 9/10 year old all-star games where some of our players are participating. There have been some schedule changes changed our scheduled games, so check your Saturday schedule as well.

To pre-order your picture package:

URL: https://preorder.groupphotographers.com/?wo=963522

League Name: ST. ATHANASIUS BASEBALL Picture Day: 6/10/2018

All games have been updated on your team schedule.

New Games for Sunday, June 10:

[Back field] Blue Jays vs. White Sox 9:30 AM

[Main field] Pirates vs. Reds 10:00 AM

[Peewee field] tBall Mets + Yankees 10:00 AM

[Back field] Nationals vs. Braves 12:00 PM

[Peewee field] Royals vs. Mariners 12:45 PM

[Main field] Mets vs Orioles 1:45 PM

[Back field] Marlins vs. Angels 2:30 PM

Picture Schedule:

9:00 AM Blue Jays - Phil Manino 9:15 AM White Sox - Anthony Castellana/John Zaremba 9:30 AM Pirates - James Orlando 9:45 AM Reds - Nick Cafagno 10:00 AM tBall Mets - Victore Allegretti 10:30 AM tBall Yankees - Victore Allegretti 11:00 AM Softball - Dom Lucarelli/Jeff Lemon 11:15 AM Braves - Lenny Messina 11:30 AM Nationals - Rob DeMartini 11:45 AM Royals - Richc Codero 12:15 PM Mariners - Anthony Rallo 12:45 PM Yankees - Dom Lucarelli 1:00 PM Kings Bay Teams - James Orlando and Lenny Messina 1:15 PM Mets - Lenny Messina 1:30 PM Orioles - Jason Cahill 1:45 PM Marlins - Mike Ameriable 2:15 PM Angels - Mike Sappia/Bill Howe

Changes for Saturday, June 9

11:00 AM Nationals vs. White Sox (Back Field)

11:30 AM Marlins and Royals (Pee-wee field)

1:30 PM Braves vs. Blue Jays