Saturday June 8th Picture Day Schedule (Includes Game Times and Coaches/Parents Softball Game!!!)

May 20, 2019



Saint Athanasius Picture Day Schedule  

Saturday June 8th, 2019

8:30 A.M. Diamondbacks / Dodgers


9:00 A.M. Instructional Blue


9:30 A.M. Instructional Gold


10:00 A.M. Reds


10:30 A.M. Cardinals


11:00 A.M. Cubs


11:30 A.M. Twins


11:45 A.M. 8U Travel


12:00 P.M. White Sox


12:15 P.M. 10U Travel


12:30 P.M. Pirates


1:00 P.M. Juniors Softball


1:30 P.M. Blue Jays


1:45 P.M. 12U Travel


2:00 P.M. Giants/Phillies


2:30 P.M. Astros/Indians


3:00 P.M. 11U & 13U Softball


Picture Day: Saturday 6/8/2019 
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Picture Day Game Schedule

Saturday June 8th, 2019


Instructional Field

10:00 A.M. Instructional Gold & Blue


Minor Field

12:00 P.M. Cubs vs Twins


2:00 P.M. Phillies vs. Giants


Major Field

9:00 A.M. Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers


11:00 A.M. Reds vs. Cards


1:00 P.M. White Sox vs. Pirates


3:00 P.M. Astros vs. Indians


5:00 P.M. U13 Softball


7:00 P.M. Coaches/Parents Softball Game


Coaches / Parents Softball Game

The Coaches/Parents Game is open to everyone. You must email or to reserve a spot in the game. It will be a $20.00 donation to play in the game. Please let us know your shirt size in the email. Adult beverages will be provided.




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